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To serve our clients more efficiently, we not only provide our installation and maintenance services, but we also undertake to relieve the pain points of our clients in getting their procurement sorted out. With our wide network with manufacturers and stockists of materials, fittings, instruments, consumables etc. from our range of services, and coupled with our trusted partner agencies and dealership from some of internationally reputed manufacturers, we can assist our customers to secure very competitive price and delivery for project materials, accessories, and consumables with one stop sale and service from us.

Industrial Material Supply

Agency/ dealer for specialist brands in Process control instrumentation

Supply of E&I material

Supply of Instruments Fittings

Supply of Pipe Fittings

Supply of Full range of PPEs

Product brochures will be uploaded in due course. Feel free to send your enquiries for our competitive quotations to

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Offshore and Marine

Refineries, petrochemical Plants & Process Plants

Power Plants & Heavy Industries